Family Law

Child Custody & Support

Child Custody | Child Support

Who has the kids and when? Who makes decisions about where the child will attend school? What about holidays? Can I afford my child’s daycare expenses now? These, and many more questions, can and do come up during the course of a custody or child support dispute. If you are getting divorced, these issues may be dealt with at the same time. More often than not though, these issues are dealt with in Family Court. These questions are often the hardest and most emotional to answer and we can help guide you through the process and negotiations. We handle all forms of child custody and child support disputes, including custody modifications, child support modifications, and enforcement proceedings. We would be happy to help you understand the process, the law and how it applies to you and your family.

Child Neglect & Abuse

Child Neglect | Child Abuse

It shouldn’t happen, but it does, and if it happens in your family you will need an experienced attorney. At D’Andrea Law Offices we have handled hundreds of Abuse and Neglect proceedings, Emergency Removal Hearings, and Fair or Expungement Hearings involving Child Protective Servces. If your child has been Neglected or Abused, or you are the subject of a Child Protective Services investigation, first ensure you and your child’s safety, then call us.

Family Offenses, Domestic Violence & Orders of Protection

Domestic Violence | Orders of Protection

Violence and abuse against a significant other is a serious matter and one most people think can only involve asking the police for help. WE can help too. Although this area uses words like “Family” and “Domestic”, New York law does not require you to be married or related by blood to get assistance from the family court. If someone is abusing or harassing you, get to a safe place, call the police if you are in danger, then, call us to talk about your options. The police can’t always help. The laws regarding orders of protection in family court and criminal court can be very different. Let us help you sort through it and explain how family court may be able to help.